Glenmede Investment Management

Glenmede Investment Management, LP (GIM) is a privately owned, independent investment management firm which provides investment strategies in the following asset categories:

  • US Equities – Large, Mid, SMID and Small Cap
  • US Fixed Income – Core, Intermediate and Short Duration
  • Non-Traditional Strategies – 130/30, Long/Short and Covered Call

Glenmede has successfully managed institutional assets for over fifty years. We have expanded our capabilities to cover a wide range of asset classes combined with sophisticated analytics and research.

GIM is an SEC-registered investment advisor. With approximately $8.2 billion of institutional assets under management, GIM is advisor to Glenmede’s proprietary family of mutual funds and provides services to high net worth investors and institutional clients both directly and through platforms.

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  • Privately owned, boutique investment firm
  • SEC registered investment advisor
  • All investment professionals work from Philadelphia office
  • Approximately $8.2 billion of assets under management (June 2014)


Overview of Glenmede Investment Management

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